Play Games at Mortar&Pencil

July 13, 2011 Ideas

After about a year of dilly-dallying, thinking, poking, and cataloging I have finally launched The project began when I started noticing all these ad-hoc games, riddles, and contests were happening all over the web from 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook. It was inspiring and funny to see the way people would submit variations to games [...]


Zombies and Color Theory: Two New Episodes of Thinking and Driving

June 13, 2011 Ideas

Just got back from a rock & roll bar mitzvah in Denver, Colorado, and I had time to get two new episodes of the Thinking and Driving series up. Zombies and Solar Flares (Episode 5) – An NPR talk on solar flares taking out our power grid got me thinking about viral videos for the [...]


Calling all people!

March 2, 2011 Ideas

From sending photos of office supplies attacking people to zefrank, to /b/tards on 4chan drawing stick figures finding ways to get cake on the opposite end of a void, to designers creating quick posters based on the theme of ‘Empty‘ for WordIt, people are participating in creative acts everyday online in these ad-hoc (unorganized), spontaneous [...]


The Rise of Vertical Video

February 21, 2011 Design

If it is not a trend yet, it soon will be.. Or I am starting it. Vertical video, or portrait video is on the rise for a few reasons. People have quicker and better access to record and upload video these days but there are no restrictions to holding your camera a certain way. Many [...]

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Thinking and Driving: Episode 4 – On Finding the NOLS Community

December 20, 2010 Ideas

It all comes down to the well written rule of social media. Find your community and engage them there. In the latest episode of Thinking and Driving, I ponder a forum post that came through my filters, for my job at NOLS. Anytime NOLS is mentioned online, anywhere, it passes through my Google Reader. A [...]


The stuff reality is made of..

September 30, 2010 Ideas

It came true! They actually implemented it. I had that idea two months ago! I have started to see a number of my ideas turn into real products, and services. Now there is no reason to believe that I had any part to play in the creation of these things, but it still feels good [...]