Fun with Shickadoo Brand

July 28, 2011 Design

Spent the evening experimenting with wallpapers, posters, and hype animals for


News* Corporation Logo

July 16, 2011 Design

Here is my first submission to Mortar & Pencil. The goal was to design a new logo for News Corporation. The concept is simple. News from News Corporation now comes with a required footnote. In that footnote are allegations into phone hacking, the court appeal in Florida to lie during “news” broadcasts, and the million [...]


The Year of Typography

April 9, 2011 Design

One of my new years resolutions was to learn as much as possible about typography as I could. I am a couple months into my type exploration and I thought I would share my list of resources and blogs that I find helpful and inspiring. Typography Blogs LetterCult Friends of Type Fonts In Use I [...]


_|” |-| | ( |( /-\ | ) ( ) ( )

March 2, 2011 Design


The Rise of Vertical Video

February 21, 2011 Design

If it is not a trend yet, it soon will be.. Or I am starting it. Vertical video, or portrait video is on the rise for a few reasons. People have quicker and better access to record and upload video these days but there are no restrictions to holding your camera a certain way. Many [...]

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Breakthrough Logotype Moment

February 12, 2011 Design

I have been sitting on this logotype for the climbers festival for over a year now. I keep revisiting it, trying to figure out how to take it from cool concept to polished and professional. I feel like I am starting to make strides in it, and wanted to share the latest draft (finished?). What [...]