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Thinking and Driving: Episode 4 – On Finding the NOLS Community

December 20, 2010 Ideas

It all comes down to the well written rule of social media. Find your community and engage them there. In the latest episode of Thinking and Driving, I ponder a forum post that came through my filters, for my job at NOLS. Anytime NOLS is mentioned online, anywhere, it passes through my Google Reader. A [...]


Whew, the NOLS video contest is over! Check out the winners here.

November 16, 2010 Social Media

6 months, 20,000 video views, 400 comments, 4.7 hours, and 63 videos later, the NOLS & Patagonia Dream Expedition video contest is now over. This is a project that I have been heavily attached to, and it’s great to see it come to it’s conclusion. Check out this video compilation of the contest, and if [...]


Sharing is Caring! Four Sites That Let You Rent, Share, and Trade with Your Neighbors

September 12, 2010 Social Media – Here, you can rent anything online from businesses and individuals. You search based on zipcode, and you can find, say a guy 5.6 miles away that is willing to rent out his drill for $10.00 per day. – Just finished the latest Dan Brown book and don’t need it taking up room [...]

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Introducing WINE.O

September 5, 2010 Design

I hope you enjoyed this little experiment. If you are with a vineyard or a winery please feel free to take this idea and crush it. Here is a PDF you can download and show your boss. I’m sure this can be applied to more products then just wine. Stickybits is a fun app and [...]


#NowPlaying Radio

September 1, 2010 Ideas

Call it crowd-sourcing or user generated content (UGC), hashtags on twitter are amassing fragmented data that has yet to tapped for it’s full potential. I found out about a new band mixing hip-hop, dub, and nintendo style sounds, and decided to hype it on Twitter. I tweeted out Listening to Mux Mool – MERLINFIST! [...]

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The New is Here!

August 25, 2010 Social Media

A new version of the popular news sharing site is on it’s way and they have given content publishers like me invite codes to give away to my readers. Simply click this link to get access: Edit: If the link isn’t working right now it’s because is currently switching over to the [...]