After about a year of dilly-dallying, thinking, poking, and cataloging I have finally launched The project began when I started noticing all these ad-hoc games, riddles, and contests were happening all over the web from 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook. It was inspiring and funny to see the way people would submit variations to games like Get the Cake, or compete for ‘likes’ on Facebook when someone posts a fill-in-the-blank status update.

Mortar and Pencil Logo

I wanted to see a website where all of this would come together, and add in a couple design challenges and photoshop contests to the mix.

Well it turns out there are a number of those sites. and especially nailed it pretty well. I spent a couple days crying, and then got back on the horse. Realizing that I don’t need something perfect, and that I would be happy even if I was playing these games forever alone, I decided to launch the site yesterday.

Mortar & Pencil will feature weekly games, posted every Wednesday. The first game is a design challenge. Create a new logo for News Corp. Join me over at Mortar & Pencil today! 

In the spirit of transparency. Here is a link to the Google Doc I have been using to gather my thoughts around the idea of a creative game website. If anyone has some wordpress coding skills, I would love some help implementing a better comment/submission system. Namely, a way for people to include their website, and a way to add an avatar to their submissions. 


Wy·om v. (wy-ohm)

June 27, 2011

graham has wyomed daren will wyom william is wyoming


Just got back from a rock & roll bar mitzvah in Denver, Colorado, and I had time to get two new episodes of the Thinking and Driving series up.

Zombies and Solar Flares (Episode 5) – An NPR talk on solar flares taking out our power grid got me thinking about viral videos for the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Yellow Purple Shickadoo (Episode 6) - My creative muse sat next to me on my drive back to Lander, Wyoming. We discussed ideas no how to incorporate color with the shickadoo logotype.


Some music to help you deal with the stress of the coming rapture curated by

At Shickadoo we believe that telling friends about new music is just as important as the discovery itself. So, we’re introducing an online community that will reward fans with free music downloads just for recommending tracks
to friends.

With your help, Shickadoo’s continuously expanding library is soon to be a hotbed for new music discovery.


The Year of Typography

April 9, 2011

One of my new years resolutions was to learn as much as possible about typography as I could. I am a couple months into my type exploration and I thought I would share my list of resources and blogs that I find helpful and inspiring.

Typography Blogs

Friends of Type
Fonts In Use
I Love Typography

Type For Sale (Foundries & Sites)
P22 Type Foundry
FontSquirrel (free)

Fonts For Web

Google Web Fonts (free)

Other Resources

What The Font – You can upload an image of some typography and it will try to find the font being used.
/r/typography – A reddit (forum) community of type enthusiasts.
Design Guy – Blog/Podcast: “Talking About Type, An Introductory Word”
OpenType Guide – A complete guide to understaning OpenType.
8Faces Magazine – A bi-annual magazine that interviews people in the type world and asks them If you could only have 8 typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Where do you get your type inspiration? What did I miss?